Summer vacation is almost over. Albuquerque Public Schools begins its fall semester on August 13th. With school drawing near back to school sales are on the rise. This weekend all back to school items are tax free.    

     The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department has held this sale for several years. The sale slightly eases the financial burden on parents when it’s time to buy all the necessary school supplies. There are a few regulations on whether or not an item is tax free. Clothes under $100, computers under $1,000, computer hardware under $500 and school supplies under $30 qualify for tax exemption.  Cell phones, MP3s and iPod’s do not qualify. The Albuquerque Public Schools website offers a complete list of tax free and non-tax free items at The sale begins Friday at 12:01 am and ends Sunday at midnight.    

     Retailers have hosted their own back to school sales for the past few weeks. After the tax free weekend is over check stores to see if they have continuing sales. Before you start shopping your child’s school should provide you with a list of necessary supplies. Just in case APS provides a suggested list of supplies for elementary students on its website ( However, it doesn’t provide a list for middle school and high school students because each school differs on its required supplies. It does encourage mid and high school students to bring a notebook and pen or pencil on the first day.     

      Besides back to school sales summer is a great time for buying a home. With school fast approaching parents may need to speed up the house search. If you’re wanting to live within a certain school district provides a list of Albuquerque high schools and what homes are for sale in those areas.