The bottom of your closet is overflowing with books. The pile can be stacked only so high before the books need to be transferred somewhere else. You decide a book case needs to be purchased, but where should you buy it from and how much does it cost? Should you consider making it yourself? Here are some resources to make a home for your valuable stories.    

     If you’re a make it yourself person this Old House has an article that will give you the information you need. “How to Build a Bookcase” puts the difficulty of the task at moderate and approximates a $200 - $500 price tag. The task is completed in 9 steps each illustrated with a helpful picture. Plywood is suggested rather than solid wood since it’s more affordable. After making the proper measurements the article recommends taking the wood to a lumber yard to be cut and using a circular saw for those little adjustments you need to make as you go.   

     Purchasing an already made bookshelf is also an option. Urban Outfitters makes invisible double book shelves. The steel shelf is unseen when stacks of books are placed on it. The shelves are $19 and can be purchased online. Big Lots has small $20 bookcases. You will have to add in a few extra nails for reinforcement. A nice selection of bookcases is also available on Walmart’s website.    

     When staging your home a bookcase is a welcoming visual and adds a little character. Stack the books in different directions: horizontally, vertically or diagonally depending on how you make the shelves. Take your books out from the bottom of your closet and display them in your newly made or purchased bookcase.