After you’ve bought the dream home reality quickly enters with leaky faucets or little renovations that need to be done. Questions about how to fix things and what to look for soon occupy your thoughts. Resources are available to answer those questions and make your life a little simpler.    

     This Old House compiled 47 tips to keep your home running. That leaky faucet? The article explains that a new washer may be all you need, and it tells you how to replace it. Hanging pictures? You can use one of those double back tape hangers. If you need to use a nail make sure it’s in a stud. According to the article studs are usually spaced 16 inches apart and corners always have studs. If you need to make some pipe repairs or have a suspicion that termites are invading there are answers for that too.

     With a new home you learn along the way. You pick up advice and learn from experience the must knows for homeowners. Advice can come from helpful articles like, “10 Tips to Avoid Trouble and Keep Your Home in Good Shape.” The article by Quad-City Times advices that you know where the water shut-off is located, not to ignore the wet spot on your ceiling and keep trees away from your foundation.   

     Settle into your dream home and make it your own. Paint the walls, hang the pictures and fix the leaky faucets. Enjoy your new home and all the knowledge you’ll gain about homeownership during your stay.