New Mexico universities have expanded their campuses to include Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas. More choices now exist for those who want to live near campus.

     The University of New Mexico’s main campus is in Albuquerque with two smaller campuses in Rio Rancho and Los Lunas. Depending on your preference the Albuquerque location is a busy area. Numerous restaurants and shops are within walking distance of the campus and downtown Albuquerque is a few minutes away.

     The Los Lunas and Rio Rancho campuses are in more undeveloped areas. The Rio Rancho campus is near V. Sue Cleveland high school and housing developments. The city is continuing to expand, and this area still has large uninhabited stretches of land that display the beauty of the high desert. The Los Lunas campus is several miles from Main Street in a quiet area near tome hill. The area like Rio Rancho is in a less populated area with no traffic, or buildings obstructing your view of New Mexico’s spectacular sunsets or lightning storms.

     CNM has three locations in Albuquerque: Westside, Montoya and South Valley and a Rio Rancho campus. The many areas of Albuquerque differ in terms of employment opportunities, traffic patterns, school quality and other factors. The Rio Rancho campus is right down the street from UNM’s campus.

     Rio Rancho is also home to New Mexico Highlands University. This campus is in the heart of Rio Rancho. Homes and restaurants are within walking distance of the campus and you are minutes away from Corrales and Albuquerque.

     For students or professors in search of the right college in a great area New Mexico provides plenty of options. Speak to your REALTOR about your preferences and he will help you find an area that suites you.