Before buying a home try to eliminate any surprises. Inspections, utility bills and a little bit of research will provide information you need to make a wise decision.     A good  REALTOR will also know important information and can direct you to the right people and resources in the process of purchasing your home.   

     “14 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home,” by advises reading through recent newspaper archives to learn about your potential neighborhood. If major construction or crime is happening in your area the newspaper may inform you of it. Determine how much money you’ll spend on utilities and taxes by asking for utility bills and recent tax bills. According to the article summer cooling and winter heating bills may put you over the edge financially and property taxes may be considerable because of schools.     

     The other 14 items include checking out the surrounding area and making a visit to the city hall. Take a drive on the streets around your home and see if the area is safe or not. During the drive take a detour at the city hall to find out the property’s zoning and if there are any easements.   

     Ask your REALTOR questions and decide what you must have in a home and what you can live without. Take a little time to gather all the information you need before purchasing your home. Once you’ve bought the home enjoy it and read a previous post on moving tips.