The New Mexico Forestry Department is encouraging conservation through its low cost seedling sale. The seedlings are taken from 50 different species and are available for purchase through October 4th. Interested homeowners need to make sure they meet purchase restrictions that include plot size and tree use.    

     Homeowners in Tijeras and Placitas are excellent candidates for the sale due to the availability of acreage. In order to purchase the seedlings you must have at least an acre of New Mexico land and use the trees for one of the following purposes: reforestation, erosion control, windbreaks, or Christmas tree plantations.    

     The seedlings come in small containers, and are sold in the fall to allow the trees to establish roots during the winter and flourish in the spring. It’s best to plant the seedlings before the winter frost comes. In the spring you can see Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, Arizona Sycamore or one of the 46 other options growing in your yard.   

     The trees can be ordered online and picked up at one of the 11 distribution points, or a UPS shipment can be made at no extra charge. Purchase restrictions also include a minimum number of trees depending on the type. Information on how to plant the seedlings, care for them and all the information from this post is available on the forestry website at   

     Add a little bit of green to your New Mexico property and enjoy growing and seeing your seedlings come to life.